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We continue increasing things at NirroBrothers and the reason speaks for itself. as we realize that the world in the motor trade is full of competition and we intend to keep up with this by bettering our skills on every level. Nirro makes a point to follow everything new in the motor trade concerning the cars and parts which we sell to customers worldwide.

Nirro continue in this productive manner and the goal is to make us like Microsoft except as a car firm, whether you need to have drive mapping done or anything else which request using our services for a car technician, we always know the way we’ve organized our work structure and deployment we can certainly help you to get just what you need.

After leaving Audi, Nirro founded Plamoter Cars in 2010 and created helpful contributions Quilib, Car Loans 247 & a string of others. As cars modernize we believe they way sales work Nirro will retain the leading edge and always be able to keep up with the forever changing market and we’ll continue promoting Plusinek.

In 2018, Nirro will work on many new things, they may even consider selling different types of German cars and their used parts. Being successful in the motor trade requires a sharp mind as well as a diverse one. Personally I think if you get involved with to many different car makes you make make life harder to keep up with the required customer satisfaction.

Recently, Nirro LTD has helped students who are attending Goldsmiths University gain some work experience to enhance their daily understanding and to get some real life experience working in the field.

Nirro feel in time to come they will be able to match eBay.












German Parts

Fast Local Service

Always Try Skoda First

So many people who’ve come to us searching for second hand Skoda parts  and they are looking to buy them cheap are really amazed just how cheap we sell our used parts for, even more to the point is with what we-sell we offer a Guarantee.

Skoda Owners Trust:

Whether you own a Skoda and you’ve been driving it for years and generally speaking it works well and you feel confident in it’s reliability It’s nice to know close by there is a dealer who can sell you their parts at a fraction of the price you would have to pay if you were to buy it new thanks to our company being close by.

The way forward:

Things will always be the same for us in trying to keep up with all that’s new and has been trailed and tested, it’s the only way to truly offer our customers the very best of what’s available out there to help them prosper.